Unique cards for every occasion, designed with no boundaries, helping our environment and planet


We ensure that in every stage of our process, from design, print, and shipping, we are as friendly to our environment and planet as possible.

All of our cards are made from 100% Recycled paper.

We use Indigo Digital Print with Vegetable Based Ink, keeping superior quality without any compromise to our environment.

Environmentally friendly shipping materials are used with a Carbon Neutral delivery service

All of our energy comes from a Green Energy Supplier.

Don't be mean, be green.


The average greeting card has a total Co2 equivalent footprint of 140g.

A large part of it's footprint comes from manufacturing the paper. Cards Made Wise uses only 100% FSC Certified Recycled paper, which requires 70% less resources to produce compared to virgin paper.

Printing takes up a smaller footprint, however this is easily and drastically reduced by using vegetable based inks. They require far less harmful emissions throughout their life - from manafacturing, production and recycling.

Posting a greeting card accounts for the highest proportion of it's Co2 footprint.
We're working with delivery companies that are investing in electric vehicles, alongside making their current logistics carbon neutral.

There's many elements to a card that can be non recyclable such as foil and spot UV. We don't use any printing techniques or elements that cannot be recycled - so if you're going to throw our cards out,
remember to put them in your recycling bin.


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